big 5 exportadores de vinos

We export unique wines from Spain to any corner of the world.

Big5 is the Export Department of several quality wine cellars from different Apellations in Spain.

“We facilitate export/import efforts through a single interlocutor, thus eliminating much of the heavy bureaucracy, both for international wine importers and wineries in Spain.”

The experience of many years working in the world of wine, together with our knowledge of the international market, are helping our wineries grow in the field of exports.

big 5 exportadores de vinos

At BIG 5 we take precedence over the speed of response, efficiency and care of personal treatment, these being some of the main reasons that help us consolidate long, fruitful and close relationships with our customers.

In addition to being the export department of different Spanish wineries, the figure of BIG 5 is also that of an advisor/consultant for international importers, who will find in us answers to all their doubts about any aspect of the wine market in Spain (varieties, regions, qualities, coupages, vintages, processing methods, etc.).

At BIG 5 we devote all the existing means at our disposal in a quest to achieve what our customers need and request.

These and many other qualities are those that have made BIG 5 a consolidated Spanish wine exports company with more than 10 years of experience and a remarkable presence and renown in the sector.

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