Exporting wines from Spain around the world

We are the Export Department of several boutique wineries from different Apellations in Spain, but we also cooperate with producers from any other area our customers may need. We make exports processes easier to our wineries, as well as we advise our International customers, helping them discover the most interesting wines for their Spanish Wines portfolio.


We work to ensure the presence of our wineries in the international market


We advise our foreign clients by helping them create their Spanish wines portfolio.


We offer complete logistical support from the winery to the customer.

vinos espanoles

Our wineries in Spain

Ours are family-run, unique authentic wineries. They all have their own vineyards as well as a genuine personality.

All of them share the passion for “Terroir”, the love of the vineyard, a great dedication to work and the pursuit of excellence in each of the processes of winemaking, from the planting of the vineyards according to the orientation of the plots, through the meticulous monitoring of pots and harvests, to an exquisite control of bottling and a careful design of each label.

The wide range of grape varieties, wine-growing areas, as well as the wide range of prices of our wines, make Big5 portfolio an attractive offer for wine importers around the world.

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