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Exportación de vinos españoles de diferentes denominaciones de origen.

Export of Spanish wines from different appellations of origin.

Export von spanischen weinen verschiedener anbaugebiete.

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Экспорт  испанских вин, классифицируемых по происхождению,   из различных регионов.

スペイン全国から厳選しました、Denominaciones de Origen(原産 地呼称)。

源产于西班牙不同酒庄的葡萄酒 请根据语言种类来察看科技参数。


Since 2002 vineyards planted in terraces in the inland of Colera’s boundary bore the grapes and finally the wines of the winery.

The Empordà, an appellation of origin certainly on trend worldwide after the renowned wine critic Robert Parker and his right hand Jay Miller kept their eyes on it at the beginning of 2011. The dynamism of Empordà wines flourishes due to the excellent climate and pedology conditions, the landscape and the millenary tradition.

The dry stone terraces and the slate of the soil beside the clime marked by the strong north wind are intrinsic features of the village of Colera. From all the experts is known that these peculiarities favour the production of wines of great quality. The inquisitiveness of Hugas de Batlle family brought them to launch this initiative to extract the best of these favourable wine conditions and to disclose varieties like Carinyena (also known as Carenyana or Samsó) and the Black Grenache. Their project is a long term one and wants to highlight the place where the grapes forming Coma Fredosa and Falguera are cultivated. The enterprise is continually being enlarged: on one side with the new wines 30.70 and Coma de Vaixell and on the other side with the opening last year of the wine cellar. The wine cellar is the first one in the locality since decades ago. Thanks to its privileged east location, near the seaside, in the centre of Colera’s village, it is also the first one of all Catalan wine cellars which sees the sun rising every day.

Hugas de Batlle family practices viticulture respectful with the surroundings and the traditions. The best approach to perpetuate this impressive natural environment, which the Greeks and Roman already knew and which probably lived its most magnificent times just before the phylloxera at the end of XIX century. The phylloxera marked the beginning of the abandonment of terraces and slopes skirting the creek. Nowadays honoured by the return of its fruits to the market.

And not to get lost, the wine labels’ elegant design assimilate the cartography of the area. One where all its vineyards are spoilt as it happens also to the best wine producer areas’ like Priorat, Hermitage, Châteauneuf-du-Pape... Certainly, also the rest of Costa Brava, even before reaching the privileged area of Colera, offers excellent scenarios to get lost which all together provide what Hugas de Batlle products so much expect: the meals which will accompany the wines in the best tables throughout Colera and the country combining harmoniously in a perfect blend.



Bodegas Felix Sanz started back in 1934 devoting his efforts to create a range of unique and different wines. Our philosophy is to live the magic of wine with intensity, making some wines of unique and personal way, respecting the freedom of expression of each of them, being our wines and the team of this company our identity.


Cava Rovira Baques.
D.A. Penedés.

Made by a family with over 400 years of dedication to the cultivation of the vine, we are surprised with this attractive wine cellar with winds of modernity.


D.A. Vinos de MADRID.


Compañía de vinos Tricó.
D.A. Rías Baixas.

The result is spectacular, not only by the traditional system-development in the Rías Baixas but by the sheer quality of the raw material.


Bodegas Vizcarra.
D.A. Ribera del Duero.

Immersed in the so-called "Heart of the Ribera del Duero", the 35 hectares of Tinto Fino in training vessel and back, a hectare of plantations Merlot and other foreign varieties are the stack.


Agrícola Sant Josep.
D.A. Terra Alta.

Sant Josep Vins gives its name to the wineries of Agricultural Sant Josep, cooperative in the Bot, Terres de l'Ebre.


Mas Ramoneda.
D.A. Costers del Segre.

In Celler Mas Ramoneda optimal parenting gets his third year and has remained at least 6 months aging in oak barrels then refined in bottle until at least two years.